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Asps Bk 1 Asps Bk 2 Asps Bk 3 Asps Bk 4 Asps Bk 5 Asps Bk 6 Asps Bk 7 Asps Bk 8 Asps Bk 9
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Asps book #1 – Birth of the Asps

Even though the “War on Terror” had been declared ‘over’ by the new President, birth of the Asps was made possible due to careful planning by Jim Scott, Bruce Edmonds, Harry Chickamunga, Tony Henry, and Sir Alistair Baldwin...the latter two being members of British SIS (Sir Alistair being the Chief of that organization). Even before the new team is formed, they have their first mission assigned…trying to uncover an al-Qaida plot on the island nation of Dominica.

Asps book #2 – The Zimo Hunt

The Zimo Hunt is the second of the nine-book “Asps” series. This time around, we have the team working more closely with British SIS (MI6). The former Janitors also become more involved as a ruthless al-Qaida figure, intent on branching out on his own and forming, eventually, a new organization, is first slowed down, then hunted down.

Asps book #3 – Fido

“Fido” is the third book in the nine-book Asps series. In this book, the team ranges far and wide in their efforts to thwart the terrorist movement into the drug business. They also seek to stop an al-Qaida plot for more carnage in both the United Kingdom, and the United States, as they break up terrorist training centers in several locations. Many of these efforts take place south of the U.S. border…well south, in most cases.

Asps Book 4 – Tears And Terrorists

Tears And Terrorists, the fourth book of the nine-book “Asps” series, sees a change in the make-up of the team as they chase an al-Qaida higher-up for a good portion of the book. Along the way the team discovers an alarming secret about the man. They also spend a good deal of time on other matters in the process of the hunt. The team works with both MI6 and Mossad during the course of their operations.

Asps Book 5 – Bear’s War

Bear’s War is the fifth book in the nine-book “Asps” series. As the book starts, and for a large portion of it, the team is trying to capture a half German, half Egyptian member of al-Qaida. Even as he continues to evade the Asps, and SIS, efforts are made to slow down his plans for attacks in England and the United States. The team travels far and wide, sometimes with SIS/SAS assets, sometimes without, in their fight against international terrorism. Al (Bear) Turner has an interesting battle in one phase of that fight as he winds up alone fighting a large number of the enemy, while Jack Littlefield races to save four Nuns, and a woman he has freed from al-Qaida’s cluthces.

Asps Book 6 – Bullets and Baseball

In this sixth book of the Asps series, we mix baseball, bionics, and still more action against the Islamist movement. The Asps travel quite a bit as they go to Namibia to help out SIS and SAS on a mission dealing with a combination of al-Qaida and Iran’s Qods Force. They also visit Pakistan, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Kenya, Somalia, and Iran. Along the way they get involved for the first time in direct conflict with the Haqqani network. In addition to working on and off with SIS and SAS, the team works with a Navy SEAL team, and clean up a bunch of Islamists sent their way by a combined Marine/Afghan Army group.

Asps Book 7 – Billy's Rescue

During the course of this book, Billy Garcia is taken captive by a group of Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists. Once away from that mess, he kidnapped by a press-gang type operation of the Taliban and al-Qaida “recruiters” inside Afghanistan. In both cases…pity the terrorists because they know not what they have done, nor what they have let themselves in for. While Billy is doing his thing, the team, the Scotts, and friends deal with tracking down CIA traitors…traitors who had been recommended to the CIA by the White House. They also go back to Columbia once again, as al-Qaida seems intent on getting into the drug business there.

Asps Book 8 – Father Mulligan

Father Mulligan is the eighth and next to last book of the Asps series. In this book, a billionaire unhappy with Jim Scott is behind repeated attempts on his life. The Asps have a mission in Zambia, and on the way home divert to the Cayman Islands with Jim and Holly aboard the C-13-0 with them. That leads to the first attempt. The team also get involved trying to thwart a terrorist attack in America, even though it is far outside their purview and well against the law to so since they are CIA and Military.

Asps Book 9 – Adios, Amigos

Adios, Amigos is the ninth and final book in the Asps series, and the last of the Jim Scott books. The members of the team, knowing the end of their time together is drawing near the end, start making plans for their futures. During the book, Drew and Boris head off to Bolivia on a tip, and unearth a country infested with al-Qaidas. The Asps and their British friends take on a mission to Somalia, which in turn leads them to Afghanistan due to information obtained in the Somalia mission. That in turn leads them to Bolivia, as a terrorist they learn of in Afghanistan is headed that way. Their continuing mission coincides with what Drew and Boris have been up to.