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Everything has a beginning ...

..... and for me this was it.

This was me during WWII. My Dad was a B-17 pilot and I was practicing to be his tail gunner. That didn't work out, but I had fun trying. Please note the all-wood construction. During the war metal was needed for things like guns, tanks, planes, ships, et cetera. Toys were mostly made of wood.

I served four years in the Navy, 1956-1960. The main thing the Navy years did to launch my writing efforts was giving me long periods of time at sea...during which I started reading quite a bit. The reading continued throughout my life. I read everything from westerns to action/adventure...and a lot in between.

Later in life I started reading action/adventure almost exclusively. Thus when I began writing, I decided to write what I most enjoyed reading, military action adventure books. Also, since my family has a long history of military service, with someone in the family having served in every war, starting in WWI to the present War on Terror, I opted to write my action/adventure novels with a military slant.

The Janitors series has nine standalone books covering a time frame running from roughly nine months prior to the 9/11/01 al-Qaida Islamist attack on America until around seven months before the second term of the President handed the problem. The key character is Jim Scott, a retired Marine Major (his rank was frozen in place once he joined the CIA) and former CIA field agent.

The Asps series has nine standalone books starting several months after the new President succeeding the disbanding of the Janitors has declared the "War on terror" over and ending before his unfortunate reelection. Someone forgot to tell certain members of the CIA and almost all of British SIS (MI6) and SAS.