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Baghdad Butcher

Baghdad Butcher is the first book of a nine-book "Janitors" series. (The team--formed at the end of this book--which does off-the-books [black bag] jobs directly for the President--doesn't actually pick up the name "Janitors" until the second book.) Most of the main "good guys" characters in all nine books have military backgrounds, with a few still active-duty military personnel included.

The time frame of the series runs from approximately nine months prior to the 9/11 Islamic terrorists' attack through the next seven plus years. The remaining books of the series should be released at this site within the year. Please see 'Excerpt' and two short "Attaboys" below.

"Can you drive a tank?"

"Yes...one of the fun things I got to do in the Marines. I wasn't real good at it, so they put me to doing other things, but, yes, I can drive one."

"A Russian one?"

"I hope so."

"Jim, that is not the answer I was looking for."

"So I'll steal a tank and a driver."

"Oh, yes. That's a good idea. 'Ah, Mister Tank Driver, Sir, would you please block that road over there so my companions and I can get on with the business of killing Saddam.' I can see it now, 'Jew roasted on spit for helping madman American in crazy plot.' I would like to see Tel Aviv again--and not from Heaven. From right down here on Earth."

"Baghdad Butcher has it all...I thoroughly enjoyed every page from the first to the last." Gene Culver, USN 1952-1956

"Clancy without all the extra words" Marty Meagher, Staff Sgt. US Army, 1943-1946

Back to Iraq

Jim Scott and friends (now called Janitors—as in they clean up other people's messes) are back for another kick at the can in Back to Iraq, the second book of the nine book “Janitor” series. All the folks who helped Jim and Holly in Baghdad Butcher are back with a few new additions. The basic team set up at the end of Butcher is augmented by a new character. We also have a briefly mentioned character in this book who will become prominent in later books when he joins the team.

This time around, Jim and team are headed for Iraq within 72 hours of 9/11. For all of you who enjoyed Butcher and have been making requests (in some case repeated requests) for the next book, here it is…enjoy. The remaining books of the series should be released at this site within the year. Please see Excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below.

General Bradley grunted, “Coming from a jarhead, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Hector groaned as he glanced at Jim. “Hey, amigo, you gonna let him talk about the Marines that way? He’s surrounded by Marines and has nerve enough to come out with that crap.” “And Air Force,” joked Drew. Hector tilted his head. “Come again?” Drew grinned. “He’s surrounded by Marines and Air Force. I was Air Force Intelligence before going over to CIA. Didn’t Jim ever tell you that, Hec?” Hector sighed. “Naw. He treats me like a mushroom…you know, keeps me in the dark and feeds me horseshit.” General Bradley laughed at that, then looked at Drew. “Isn’t ‘Air Force Intelligence’ an oxymoron?” Drew shook his head. “No. You’re thinking of ‘Senate Intelligence,’ as in the Senate Intelligence Committee.” General Bradley smiled. “As a member of the Administration, I didn’t hear that…in spite of how much I might agree.” ·

“Like reading adventure novels that—without much of a stretch of your imagination—might just be REAL? Read Back To Iraq.” John Rollston B/Gen USAF (Ret)

“This squid can really write, Semper Fi.” Sgt. Jacob Warden, USMC

Dog Pound

Dog Pound is the third book in the nine-book Janitors Series, even though Jim Scott and the Janitors—with the exception of a cameo appearance—take a vacation in this book as new characters are introduced. Three of these new characters become Janitors in later books of the series.

In this book, a famous actress is kidnapped and the race is on to rescue her. All the while, another individual is sailing the Pacific with his dog and is drawn into the situation with the actress through no fault of his own…other than being a good guy. Please see excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below. •

When he found Murgatroyd, he also found Billie Jo Lane. She was petting the dog, which had appeared out of nowhere, when the tallish, not totally unattractive man walked up. Steve smiled as he looked at the naked woman who stood up as he approached. He said, “Murggy, you’ve found us a ride home, I hope.” Then, looking into Billie Jo’s beautiful blue eyes (as he tried not to gawk at her very lovely body) he said, “I didn’t see your boat on my way in toward the beach.” Billie Jo’s recent adventure had left her in no mood to be her normal friendly self and she couldn’t pass up the temptation to be sarcastic. “That’s because I don’t have a boat, you dolt.” Only then did Steve notice the chain. He pointed to it and asked, “Would you mind telling me just what your situation is?” “My situation is I’ve been kidnapped and chained to this damned tree. You think this chain is some sort of sexual bondage game?” Trying to control his slowly building anger, Steve bent to a knee, looked at the lock, and calmly replied, “I’ve got some tools back at my raft. I’ll go get ‘em and see if I can’t get you free.” “That’d be nice.” Steve just sighed, muttered “Boy,” and walked off. •

“Bottom line: Dog Pound is one hell of a read. Buy it NOW and read it tonight! You’ll be glad you did…PROMISE!” John Rollston, B/Gen. USAF (Ret) •

“Dog Pound shows Mike Jackson’s versatility, but maintains his dedication to the Military. Enjoyed the new characters, and glad some will join the ‘Janitors’ in future books. Keep up the good work. Marty Meagher, Staff Sgt., US Army, 1943-1946


Toboggan is the fourth book in the nine-book Janitors Series. As in Dog Pound, the Janitors take a vacation, except for a cameo appearance, which is a continuation of the mission started in Dog Pound. There are some new characters in this book who either help the Janitors in later books, or become Janitors for one mission.

In this book, a charter plane headed for Las Vegas crashes in the Rocky Mountains. In short order it is determined that the crash was no accident. While that investigation goes forward, a young man and young woman, who met on the plane, get separated from the rest of those aboard and, being well below the rest of the plane, decide to head down the mountain. As they do so, two escaped criminals head up the same mountain, trying to avoid re-capture. Please see excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below. •

“Phyllis, let’s pack up our things and get out of here.” “Are you crazy? There’s four feet of snow out there. Here we’re warm; out there we’ll be trooping through all that snow and freezing our butts off—literally.” “Ah, yes, my dear. But I have a surprise for you. We shan’t plow through the snow. We shall float down the river in a majestic vessel.” “Have you been in the booze bag behind my back? What ‘majestic vessel?’ Are you hallucinating?” “No. In the horseshit palace lays a fine boat. With said fine boat, we can just float down the river until we reach a town, village, house with people…or even a road.” “What ‘horseshit palace?” Will you talk sensibly?” “The shed where I’ve been getting the hay and horseshit to use as fire starters. Trust me, as fine a body as you have, I’m not love-crazed. This is a way out for us.” By now, Nick’s excitement was starting to seep in. Phyllis put on his walking shoes over her sandals and headed out the door. He followed, caught her, took her hand, and led her to the shed. She looked at the boat and nearly laughed. “You call that thing a ‘fine vessel?’ I bet it doesn’t even float.” “One way to find out,” a totally undaunted Nick replied. As he wrestled with the boat, he said, “Lend a hand, please.” “Since you said ‘please’.” •

“Keep the books coming…another good read.” Sgt. Jacob Warden, USMC •

“Each book in the series is better than the last one. Bravo!” Gene Culver, USN 1952-1956

Tickleton Affair

Dan and Janet Orf from Dog Pound and Toboggan meet Jim Scott and most of the Janitors from Baghdad Butcher and Back to Iraq in this novel of industrial/military espionage. Those who have read Dog Pound and Toboggan should have by now figured out that Dan and Janet are destined to join the Janitors…which happens in the next book, Saltwater Connection.

In this novel, our old spies from the Janitors team, Boris Telman and Drew Hollins, butt heads with an old advisory in the person of a ruthless and bloodthirsty Chinese master spy.

The Saltwater Connection

In The Saltwater Connection, the Janitors work to thwart a joint al-Qaida/Hamas white slavery operation. During the course of the book, Dan and Janet Orf work with the team, then join it about a third of the way through it. During the course of the book, there are two other changes to the team as well. During this mission, the team also discovers another al-Qaida plot and seeks to defuse it before calamity ensues.

Dead Silent Calm

As we pass the three-year anniversary of 9/11 in the Janitor series, the Chinese again (as in The Tickleton Affair) come into play. This time they have a deadly plan involving al-Qaida that makes even some within China very uncomfortable with the situation.

Devil's Brew

The Janitor’s team takes on a large number of new personnel for a major mission inside Syria to take out a very large al-Qaida training camp. Along the way, they discover what everyone has assumed didn’t exist…WMD from Iraq. But with no way to prove where they came from, the President—to his credit—decides to let history stand that the reports of WMD in Iraq were incorrect. After the trip to Syria, the team—back to a smaller number—tracks down al-Qaida cells in the United States and Canada…after another side trip along the way. To review other books by this author, please go to: www.mikejacksonbooks.com. This is a Flippage feature that allows the readers to read a small sample of the book(s) they would like to review.

Sedona Chip

In this, the final book of the Janitor series, the French offer the opportunity for a bit of comic relief, which the President, General Bradley, and the Janitors jump on. Along the way, the team manages…of course…to find a few pockets of al-Qaidas to deal with. At the very end of the book, the stage is set for the next 9-book series…the Asps. To review other books by this author, please go to: www.mikejacksonbooks.com. This is a Flippage feature that allows the readers to read a small sample of the book(s) they would like to review. Some browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome) do not turn the pages properly. If you run into this problem, simply go to ‘Amazon Listing’ under the book you would like to review and click on it. That will take you directly to the Amazon listing of the book. Once there, just click on the book, and scroll down for the same effect.